Magnetic Collet

As the semiconductor packaging process became more precise, die bonding tools matched suit and became more innovative; aspects like flatness and alignment were honed in to be as precise as possible. Thanks to the magnetic design, Magnetic Collets are easy to both fit and remove. They also allow for high precision flatness and are highly resistant to electro static discharge. Made of rubber and steel plates, Magnetic Collets are particularly well suited for thin die attachments. Thin die bonding requires specially designed tools in order to minimize cracking, breaking, flexing and other stress that may cause damage.


Stable & Consistent Performance

  • The collet is automatically mounted on the shank by a magnet
  • This mounting method reduces the likelihood of misalignment during the setup process. Misalignment causes the collet to tilt, which damages the die, therefore magnetic collets minimize damage to the die.

Prime Solution for Sensitive Die Pick-up and Attachment

  • The combination of the rubber’s soft contact surface and the magnet’s ability to hold the collet stable and minimize misalignment makes Magnetic Collets the best solution for sensitive die pick-up and attachment
  • We have a variety of custom vacuum line designs ready to fit Various custom vacuum line designs are ready to fit per customer PKG or request


We offer a wide variety of raw materials to meet customer requirements; From thermal resistance to mechanical strength and abrasion durability, our diverse array of materials provide a multitude of solutions.

PS-Series ~250℃ 40~90 Insulative
ㆍContinuous Working Temperature: 200~250℃
ㆍThin die with low bonding free
ㆍFlat type rubber compatible
PF-Series ㆍContinuous Working Temperature: 200~250℃
ㆍNormal die with medium bonding force
PH-Series ~200℃ ㆍContinuous Working Temperature: 150~200℃
ㆍWidely used in film based die attach
PN-Series ~150℃ ㆍContinuous Working Temperature: 100~150℃
ㆍStandard Type
ㆍBetter thermal resistance than PU-Seires
PU-Series ~Room Temperature ㆍContinuous Working Temperature: ~100℃
ㆍBetter wear resistance than PN-Seires

Magnetic Collet: Shank

The shank is used together with the replaceable magnetic collet to pick up dies from mounting tape through vacuum force. The magnetic collet holder is designed to allow for quick and easy collet change.